Pax means peace in Latin. It is often used as a name. He is the kind of boy that simultaneously breaks one's heart and awakens it. He is full of wrathful reverence that startles one's soul as one ineffectively stands near. He is a conundrum. One who is many things at once without being one thing at all and to simply label him would be an injustice. He is best told about in story form, because descriptive terms merely make him seem even more abstract. However, if one word must be chosen, it is "contrast;" he is a contrast in every way. More grey than any man, yet more black and white than the universe should ever allow. Both good in deed and wicked in heart, he is overcoming his wrongs while he is righting them. However, he stumbles in his same past grievances, and he is calloused when it comes to emotion. He might never let you know he cares. He might never care at all, but he is honest. He is the most honest person you will ever know, and he will tell you things you don't want to hear, but know that you need to hear them. He loves truth, and his love of truth will make him a ready match for the wits of any man. Lastly, never need him; he will never let himself need you in return. While he may love deeper than any other, you will never know, because he can never choose you, and he will die alone.
Pax is what we need.
Pax if possible, truth at all costs.
by gratiaetpacem November 16, 2010
PAX is when a bunch of guys get together and rent out a motel room then they try to pack in as many boys as they can in the room until all their chests are touching
Martin: Hey man you going to PAX?

Johnson: Yeah bro PAX is gonna be sweet!
by fishesbishes March 27, 2014
A tablet to be kissed. The primitive usage in the Church was for the "holy kiss" to be given promiscuously. Later men of the laity saluted men with the kiss, while women kissed women. This latter manner of giving the peace among the laity seems to have been maintained till the thirteenth century, when a substitute for the actual kiss was introduced in the shape of a small wooden tablet, or plate of metal bearing an image of the Blessed Virgin, of the titular of the church, or other saint, or more frequently of the crucifixion. The earliest notice of these instruments is in the records of English councils of the thirteenth century. This departure from the prevailing usage is attributed by Cardinal Bona to the Franciscans. Kissed by the celebrant and cleansed with a linen cloth, the tablet or plate was carried to others to be likewise kissed by them. This ceremony stills obtains in low masses, when the peace is thus given to prelates and princes, not to others except in rare cases established by custom. The acolyte or server kneeling at the right of the celebrant presents the tablet. The celebrant kissing it says: "Pax tecum"; the server answers: "Et cum spiritu tuo". The server then carries the instrument in turn to those who are to receive the peace, saying to each: "Pax tecum"; each responds, "Et cum spiritu tuo", and then genuflects.
Pax vobiscum, domine vobiscum. Et cum spiritu tuo.
by Adian October 18, 2004
peace in latin, usually with blonde hair and blue eyes, tall, the sweetest person you will ever meet. will always be there for you no matter what. is tall, lean, a very religious, kind hearted guy. is loved by all. thinks of others before himself. trustworthy, cute as a button. very athletic. can do anything when he sets his mind to it. always has something to talk about. never is awkward. wanted by all girls. will always have your back in a disagreement, doesn't judge people until he meets for him self. creative. spontaneous, outgoing, intelligent, relaxed, never wants to grow up, dependent, is there for you when your sad. hilarious. great personality. truthful, loving and caring,best friend you could ever ask for. straight up with people. has a way with words. lucky, is everything a girl could ask for or want. adventurous, happy all the time, hardworking, the true definition of a bro, doesnt get into trouble. doesnt give into peerr pressure. is his own person. absolutely wonderful, close with family. lax bro, lax is his life, redskins fan:D
by <3 :D <3 October 12, 2011
To smoke weed everyday
Hey, dude, wanna Pax?
by omg what January 25, 2009
To pull off an item of clothing in an outfit. Came from complete lazyness of saying the full phrase and just blurting out a random word.
"Look at this tye-dye shirt I just got!"
"Hm, you could pax it with those jeans."
by Angus the Superduck February 11, 2006
To correct other people's statements with your own 'way of saying it'.
Person 1: Oh man, I got the new Xbox!

Person 2: Eh? Do you mean Xbox360??

Peron 1: Oh please don't pax it up.
by Karl Johansson December 12, 2005

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