A tablet to be kissed. The primitive usage in the Church was for the "holy kiss" to be given promiscuously. Later men of the laity saluted men with the kiss, while women kissed women. This latter manner of giving the peace among the laity seems to have been maintained till the thirteenth century, when a substitute for the actual kiss was introduced in the shape of a small wooden tablet, or plate of metal bearing an image of the Blessed Virgin, of the titular of the church, or other saint, or more frequently of the crucifixion. The earliest notice of these instruments is in the records of English councils of the thirteenth century. This departure from the prevailing usage is attributed by Cardinal Bona to the Franciscans. Kissed by the celebrant and cleansed with a linen cloth, the tablet or plate was carried to others to be likewise kissed by them. This ceremony stills obtains in low masses, when the peace is thus given to prelates and princes, not to others except in rare cases established by custom. The acolyte or server kneeling at the right of the celebrant presents the tablet. The celebrant kissing it says: "Pax tecum"; the server answers: "Et cum spiritu tuo". The server then carries the instrument in turn to those who are to receive the peace, saying to each: "Pax tecum"; each responds, "Et cum spiritu tuo", and then genuflects.
Pax vobiscum, domine vobiscum. Et cum spiritu tuo.
by Adian October 18, 2004
Passengers on commercial planes.
Yo, get that pax list and give it to the pilot.
by -Ryan January 27, 2006
The best gaming convention/festival in the world.

In 2004 Gabe and Tycho of wanted to attend a con that had equal parts tabletop gaming, computer gaming, and video gaming--and that wasn't just a big marketing event for some lame corporation. They didn't find any, so they decided to make their own.

Thus was the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) born. The first show drew over 4,000 gamers from all over the world to bear witness to 48 hours of nonstop gaming, four nerdcore concerts by the likes of Optimus Rhyme and MC Frontalot, the world public playable premier of Halo 2, and the 2-day multigenre $25,000 Omegathon tournament (which culminated in a final match of: Pong).
"Essentially, Tycho and I wanted to throw a big-ass two day party for gamers, and everyone’s invited."--Gabe

“I did have to take 3 days off work and spend more money then I usually do, so I have like, 6 bucks in my checking account at the moment… and my next paycheck will be small and mostly go to car insurance... But goddamn it was worth it.”--Forum post

"Did anyone else notice that everyone you passed at PAX looked vaguely familiar? Like we all have a sort
of “geek” look to us and therefore recognize our own kind? It was strange and comforting at the same
time.”--Forum post
by PAXer March 30, 2005
The greatest fucking vaporizer of all time.
Pack up that pax, lets get high and not smell like shit. Then lets go to class.
by Wizeman470 January 09, 2013
to punch some one spontaneously, who has done nothing to provoke you.
New age slang often used my grime artists and kids in London.
Tempa T lyrics from his song next hype "BAMM pax man straight in him eye, blood floored me im staring at the i have to go blind..."
by spacemanDAN May 08, 2010
What posh English kids (especially at boarding schools) say to each other when they want to stop fighting.
The Latin equivalent to present term mercy.
Often referenced in "The Famous Five" by Enid Blyton.
Julian: "What say you Dick we have a little tussle to see who get's the last cucumber sandwich?"
Dick: "Come on then old chap!"
(They tussle)
Dick: "Pax! Oh I say you win Julian"
Julian: "Oh terrific. I'll race you back to Aunt Fanny's!"
by Sabbotage Goldberg May 20, 2006
fighting-age males, in Army slang.
"We've seen about ten pax --fighting-age males-- moving from Karingal to Loy Kalay and back" (Sebastian Junger, "War", Twelve-Hachette, 2010, p. 206)
by paxirioni October 06, 2010
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