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based on quixotic although more of a combination of quixote and panza. A foolhardy person who like a myopic dogmatic hidebound when it comes to political views that they fervently support without really caring about them behind closed doors. Fond of using adages to support their view like sancho panza. In their case its less authentic wisdom but more regurgitating what they have heard just for argument sake. Sort of like a pawn of panza in a world where quixote wrote the laws.
What a combative fool Ben is. He seems to be directing all of his anger through his political views. Though he seems to not even support all of these beliefs, and cant truly make a difference in his world that is commensurate to all of the irate energy and time he spends on such points, he continues in his role of pawnzotic mutant pig.
by provider44 January 14, 2010
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