verb- Full spelling of "pwn" an internet term (which has migrated in some cases to real life) referencing humiliating defeat. Such defeats usually come due to a lack of skill of the pwn'd when challenging the pwn'er.

The use of the word references the fact The one who was pawned was so utterly humiliated by the pawner that the pawned belongs to the pawner from now on. The Pawner however, esteems them of no worth and instead chooses to sell them off. Thus the defeated has been "pwn'ed"
j00 s|_|xx0|2. | PWN j00.

How did the test go? I was Pawned
by Master T January 09, 2005
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A chess piece of lowest value that may move forward one square at a time or two squares in the first move, kill enemies with bullshit aimbot K98 headshots, capture other pieces only on a one-space diagonal forward move,and be promoted to any piece other than a king upon reaching the eighth rank.
you got Pawned/pwned
by Orbit August 22, 2003
The white version of a token

I.E. Every Mcdonalds commercial.
they tried to make that pawn look cool in that Mcdonalds commercial.
by BOSOX2007 June 09, 2009
A racial slur for all Russians/Ukrainians.
That Russian faggot named Gene Sirovsky is a pawn.
by De La Rice December 08, 2010
1) Expendable frontliner.

2) Next-to-useless chess piece.

3) to trade in one's belongings for cash, hoping to buy them back when in better financial shape (or if unwanted, not at all).
You are my pawn

All eight of my pawns are gone and all they did was take a rook

I pawned in your son to buy a gat.
by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
To pwn someone at chess.
Jose Raul Capablanca pwned Emanuel Lasker in their World Championship match in 1921
by Bob882 July 01, 2004
Simply, E.
NOз | E.: i love being a pawn
by Waffulz November 10, 2010

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