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French expression, mainly from Quebec (paumée, in French). A tween or a teen that's indecisive, always confused, unable to be firm, logical or rational. They start to date someone, don't call back, apologize 15 days later, then say to a close friend how nobody can understand them, then go out with friends, start dating someone else, then call back the guy the next day telling him that they're sorry and already taken , then they call the first guy and tell him that it's over, then hang up and realize that's they're confused, then they call the second guy to apologize and they tell him that he's cute, then miss the first guy who got dumped, etc. You see the pattern. The paumées will never go anywhere in life. Also characterized by low grades at school, poor coping skills, poor communication skills, poor social skills except for 2 or 3 persons they know well. You can easily recognize a paumee by talking with them for at least 15 minutes. They can't hide the fact that they're paumées for no more than that. Afterwards, the confusion will come out, nothing will make sense. At this point, you better run.
I went out with a paumee yesterday, she's all confused, this bitch.

This city is filled with paumees. Can't you smell the indecision in the air?

(French) Maudite paumee, branche-toi donc pis commence à avoir de l'allure pour une fois.

(French) Batince, t'agis comme une paumee, maudite paumee.
by Derek Wilson March 11, 2008
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