Pa'u Hana (pronounced "pow hana")is a Hawaiian phrase literally meaning, "finished work", but generally refers to the practice of leaving work early on Friday to start the weekend.
Also can be used as a verb for leaving anything early and/or incomplete.
Plebe: Dude, Boss just called a meeting for 3:45 on Friday, happy hour is F'ed!
Guy in the know: Just Pa'u Hana the fuck out of there and say you never got that memo.
Worker1: These reports are pointless and will never be seen, but require several more hours of work.
Worker2: Finish that one, shred the rest, then guess what, PA'U HANA BITCH!
Worker1: It's Millertime.
by Wordsyouneed June 15, 2007
Top Definition
Hawaiian pidgin

Finished working.
Ah I pau hana, can go come now, shoots brah
by kanakaman January 17, 2004
done working or done with your day. time to relax/chill/have a beer
It's pau hana time. Give me a beer
by HollieJJ June 08, 2015
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