The perfect sister, always there for you no matter what. The best friend any one person could ever possibly have. Someone who would lay down their life for you without hesitation. An all around wonderful person!
Patsy= great personality; fun to be around; wonderfully talented.
by BWV February 04, 2010
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scapegoat. red herring. person accused of a something as a cover for a bigger more elaborate crime.
Oswald was a patsy in the Kennedy assassination.
by s: October 19, 2004
The guy that always takes the fall! A loser!! The nice guy that finishes last everytime...
Also used when describing a weak minded man who lets his girlfriend/ wife walk all over him.
"Baz is such patsy, he's taken her back again even though she sucked that guys cock!" "yeah man, proper patsy"
by michael kavanagh March 21, 2005
A person who is cheated, victimized, or made the butt of a joke (AHD). Origin unknown
He thought he was in on playing the practical joke, but it turned out he was a just big patsy.
by Kate Herrick January 25, 2005
A person who accidently transports Class A drugs abroad, after his / her mates leave them in his / her bag, without him / her knowing. Really
In the hood, we call you people "Patsies".
by Markus January 11, 2005
Usually a women thats very sweet and kind, and can be very shy at certain times. Also a girl that can break hearts, Patsy is a known name for a cheater, but as soon as you look into her eyes all you wanna do is forgive her. Shes a beautiful and usually a blonde or dirty blonde. Any girl is lucky to be with Patsy because they''ll be together for a long time, and Patsy will make it all worth it.
My girlfriend cheated on me last night. Such a Patsy!!
by JESUSHASRISEEEEEEN October 22, 2013
Slang for a line. Usually cocaine. Originates from Patsy Cline. Used mostly in Liverpool.
"Lets go for a quick Patsy"
by Gazbags January 21, 2010

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