1.Driving a Foreign-designed "American" Patriot-mobile, such as a Ford Explorer, Yukon XL, Ford F150, etc.
2. Filling up your Gas-guzzling Patriot-mobile with foreign oil, instead of buying a fuel-efficent automobile and reducing expensive gasoline imports
3. Putting Plastic flags and stickers on your Patriot-mobile, also made out of foreign oils.
4. A imaginary ideal blindly followed by Republicians
5. A conspiracy devised by George W. Bush to gain support in the 04' election.
6. Heil Bush! Heil Cheney! Die Amerikan mensch besiegt die Turban Träger!
7. A form of usually subliminal messaging used by many notable leaders to obtain immense power, including Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedung, George W. Bush Sr., George W. Bush Jr., etc
"Check out mah patriot-mobile! That thems there hawg eats thems patriotics gallons o' gas!"
by Bob September 12, 2004
term used by rednecks and meglomaniacs presidents, often as they are stealing out freedoms out from under us, to justify without reason their foolish actions.
The Patriot Act, as pushed by George W Bush
by bobbyw September 12, 2004
The act of driving to the Ikea in your Hyundizzay with an American flag sticker (Made in Taiwan) on the back while many Americans are collecting unemployment and foreigners are attending flight school in sunny Florida.
Show your patriotism by learning the English language first then we'll talk.
by 50 cent crack dealer August 21, 2003
The shit that Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, and other retarded country singers are full of. It is loving your country so much you go out of your way to piss people off with HORRIBLE music and capitalize on their emotions. Anything with 9/11 in it these days is bowed to.
Alan Jackson and Toby Keith suck a fat baby's dick.
by Josh September 11, 2004
1. By true definition, the idea of caring enough about your country to criticize it.
2. Caring enough about one's country to be outraged at the utter violation of civil rights perpetrated by the government.
3. A concept used by right-wing fundamentalists to justify their egregious civil liberties violations and war-mongering nature.
The only true patriots are the liberals who CARE about the people in this country.
by Mikey G October 09, 2003
The act of shooting anybody that says something against steak, gasoline, and multiplayer gaming.
"Man, I hate steak, and gasoline, and multiplayer gaming!"
*Points gun*
"Show some Patriotism, or get out of my country, mother f&#$er."
by Jaerda June 01, 2016
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