1. Someone who merely loves his/her country and believes it is ultimately a force of good despite what others may think.

2. A term conservatives identify with enough to be able to tolerate incessant liberal whining.

3. A term many liberals will whine about.

4. A term conservatives will abuse, thus pissing off liberals causing them to whine more.
Far-left hippie ideological douchebag nutcase: I hate my country, it is a force of evil. I am not a patriot. Fuck America. Fuck Capatilism. Fuck patriotism.

Typical liberal: I love my country but believe it is seriously flawed and a major problem in the world.

Typical conservative: I love my country and believe it is ultimtely a force of good in the world.

Far-right facist psychopath: I love my country so much that other countries should do as we say or die.
by squ@pusher September 14, 2009
Patriotism, believe it or not, has a Latin stem word, and a Greek suffix. The stem word being "patria", meaning "land of one's fathers" or "fatherland" and the greek suffix "-ism" meaning "the act of" or "state of".

To put these two stems together would equal "the act of... land of one's fathers". Obviously we need to fill in the blank. As you can read above people have many different choices as to what goes into that blank(criticising, disagreeing with).

However, plainly stated, the definition of Patriotism is not up for discussion. and the word that goes into that blank is "love" or "devotion". A strong statement I know, but true. Please do not assume because I use strong words like love and devotion I am trying to conotate this definition, they are simply words, with definitions of their own, that are in the definition of the word patriotism.

Patriotism: n. - the act of loving or showing devotion to one's country.

Let's face it, patriotism is not a political stance or a veiw point. It's an emotion. Just like all emotions, how you choose to display them to the world is entirely up to you.
It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.
- Voltaire
by Broderick August 05, 2005
A form of self-worship, which permits dishonest politicians to persuade the people to surrender their liberties and even act against their own material interests. See example for details. Often a trait of people who have not themselves contributed to their country anything much that is positive, but are trying to derive honor vicariously. (I except from this definition the actions of combat veterans who sincerely believed, rightly or wrongly, that they were fighting for their country.)
"Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it." - George Bernard Shaw
by Leslie Doppler July 10, 2008
The act of standing up and shouting the Star Spangled Banner while everyone else stands there and watches you.
examples: fool, idiot, FREAK OF NATURE
by mysterygirl01 April 20, 2005
Right after 9/11, almost everyone in the US all of a sudden loved America. They were wearing flag shirts, hats, the flag itself, flag painted cars and trucks (more trucks than anything). On July 4 before 911, these people would put put their flag on their door, front yard or whatever and the day after, take it down. But boy, right after 911, they were spouting "fuck those arabs, I'm American", keeping that flag up 24/7. It really is sad because the people who all of a sudden became this patriotic after 911 should have been patriotic all along. Patriotism was being practiced by people who never really gave a shit before. They are also the ones who believe that everything that happened on 911 was all done by a terrorist group thousand of miles away.
911 believer: My flag is so cool, this is real patriotism. I got my flag car, and all the other bullshit poser patriotic stuff to show I'm down with the US.
by Beerian February 09, 2008
Alot of people seem to have the exact definition of patriotism wrong.

Patriotism is the pride in your country, to love your nation because of what it defends and maintains, or in our case, freedom.

However, some twisted fuckers confused it with nationalism, which is NOT patriotism, and is really to submit yourself to the authority of your government, and do everything you can do maintain the survival of your militant nation, especially self sacrifice in the name of blind hate and racism.

A real American example of patriotism is one that defends our rights of protest and freedom. This may also include debating our Federal Government's decisions on social security, medicare, banking, as well as wars.

A fake, sick, un-American, nationalist bigot is some idiot who supports unjust wars in the name of getting to watch muslims die on CNN, without any interest in improving or reforming unjust social and political conditions.

by C Tan October 17, 2007
term used by rednecks and meglomaniacs presidents, often as they are stealing out freedoms out from under us, to justify without reason their foolish actions.
The Patriot Act, as pushed by George W Bush
by bobbyw September 12, 2004

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