a word that is wrongly understand and used, mostly abused by stupid angry young man and cunning politicians.

The definition could be found on wikipedia:
Patriotism is generally cultural attachment to one's homeland or devotion to one's country, although interpretations of the term vary with context, geography and philosophy. It is a related sentiment to nationalism...

The definition could be found on Cambridge Dictionary:
the feeling of loving your country more than any others and being proud of it

In reality:

As for politicians, they found it so easy to achieve they goal by labelled it patriotism

As for brainless angry young man, they found it so easy to fill in their voidness mentally and physically by labeling themselve patriotism
Lets all wipe those people out, lets kill all those people, children, women and man. This act shows your PATRIOTISM! you are protecting you country and people from the evil people who will ruin our country one day...

medium Angry young man from country A: lets boycout Country B, their people all (actually maybe 0.01% of them) did bad things on us

medium Angry young man from country B: lets boycount Country A, our media and government shows us that people from country A all try to take advantges from us, bunch of asshole thinking they are better and clever than us...

very very Angry young man from country A: lets F****ING kill those people from B, lets F*****ING not use their goods, LETS F****ING not watch their movies. Whoever do that are all TREASON, and should be stoned to death and burn in hell

very very Angry young man from country B: STUPID F****ING asshole has been sit on our head for years, and now they think they are god to judge us! NO WAY, F****KINg die in hell you people from A

politician country A: uh huh, that's my boy!
politicain country B: wow, that goes well with our plan

sometimes later:

Angry young man try to get away from their country, the reasons are: eww, the country is now so poluated, it is so crowed, the resource are running out there's no life there, I would better find a better place somewhere else and then I can start my Patriotism all over
#patriotism #love your country #country #nationalism #polictians
by vcharlie November 18, 2013
Either you're with us or you're a fucking terrorist.
Bush invades the country of Iraq under the guise that Saddam has WMDs and refuses to pull out

Republicans, cuntservatives, and rednecks (oh wait, there's no difference) call it patriotism and defending democracy.

America, fuck yeah!
#patriotism #george #bush #america #usa
by Corrupt Politician July 12, 2011
loving ones country so much that you are willing to wear anything with your country's flag on it no matter how dumb you look
that guy's patriotism does not go with his shoes
#patriot #flag #country #love #dumb
by theguywhoisawesome August 28, 2013
wearing a speedo with a flag of your country on it
person 1: look at that guy, hes really fat!
person 2: yeah but at least hes for patriotism
#patriot #speedo #flag #fat #country
by theguywhoistheguy August 28, 2013
wearing a speedo with a flag of your country on it
person 1: look at that guy, hes really fat!
person 2: yeah but at least hes for patriotism
#patriot #speedo #flag #fat #country
by starsofjars August 28, 2013
When a female's(works only with Caucasian) boobs are tied till they turn blue, and then the female receives a shotgun pussy.

Can also be called Communism in regards to red and "black all over"
Yeah apparently he gave her some patriotism, but hey he's single again right?
#shotgun pussy #bondage #patriotic #red white and blue #firecracker
by EddieIsAMasochisticCat March 06, 2011
1. Someone who merely loves his/her country and believes it is ultimately a force of good despite what others may think.

2. A term conservatives identify with enough to be able to tolerate incessant liberal whining.

3. A term many liberals will whine about.

4. A term conservatives will abuse, thus pissing off liberals causing them to whine more.
Far-left hippie ideological douchebag nutcase: I hate my country, it is a force of evil. I am not a patriot. Fuck America. Fuck Capatilism. Fuck patriotism.

Typical liberal: I love my country but believe it is seriously flawed and a major problem in the world.

Typical conservative: I love my country and believe it is ultimtely a force of good in the world.

Far-right facist psychopath: I love my country so much that other countries should do as we say or die.
#patriot #patriotic #devoted #appreciation #respect #admiration
by UziSuicide101 September 14, 2009
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