n. A beautiful and firey person. Faithful wife, will sometimes allow themselves to succumb to the seduction of chocolate. Prone to be a teacher, and care about the well-being of others. Will allow themselves to worry for others to the point of anxiety, if not careful. Loves to vacation on cruises, and is always looking forward to the next one. Adored by her children when they are not annoyed by all the caring and being checked up on.
ex: While eating chocolate, Patricia went to the store and bought clothes for her next cruise, while wondering if her children were ever going to get ready for it.
by dragonwench13 February 06, 2010
An perfect girl in every way. She's the reason for making a day bright. Even talking to her or seeing her smile has a guy, who loves her, "cheesing" the rest of the day. She's ignorant to how much a guy loves her but he's okay with it. She's worth all the trouble and hard work even if it doesnt seem like its working. The only correct term to explain her is "Patricia".
Bruh, I cant get Patricia off of my mind. She's always there. No way i can get over her. She's just to perfect.
by JustANiceGuy408 July 04, 2011
a beautiful girl who is very outspoken , but at-first might come out as shy . as soon as her shell is broken, she becomes un-stoppable and will be the most friendliest person you might ever meet . even though many say she's "pretty,beautiful,gorgeous,cute,and etc" she believes she isn't none of those names . she thinks she's ugly, and doesn't believe someone until they really mean it , and brag about it. self-conscious about her-self, but really doesn't care people think about her, patricia knows she is who she is. more than likely she'll play the "bitch,meangirl act" but she only does that to cover how deeply sensitive she is. most misunderstand her, but at the end of the day its just patricia .
its just patricia , fuck it .
by ayedios May 27, 2011
Patricia is a brunette, tall, medium dark skin, who loves to sing and flirt. They are the best girl in the world. Usually best friend with a blond, curly hair, shy and a dark brown hair, white skin, peckled friend. She oves to hear music.
Patty is her nickname for (Patricia)
by chocochip<3 January 25, 2012
cutest girl ever <3
guy#1: patricia lookinnnn fiiiiine!!
by ogkilla00 April 10, 2010
an Incredibly smart , strong, confident and beautiful woman, who likes to be unique. enjoys music, movies, and being with her friends. Defiantly one of a kind, and any one who spends more than 3 seconds with her knows how special a person she is, and those who do know her consider themselves to be the luckiest people in the world.
by One of the lucky ones...... February 11, 2010
An extremely atractive female, must be italain. Notorious for dating norweagian ninjas.ALway bubbly. Jams an acustic.May own mice.
That girl is so hot man,shes total Patricia."Patricia "
by Sooc A. Dickey February 07, 2009

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