its of greek origin and it means to be an honors student that gets by doing no homework and is so greek that his tanlines are that of the greek flag and his father works in a diner(greek hotspots) tis a noun
damm that kid is such a patouhas he made baklava for the entire class
by sean p arsons April 21, 2005
Top Definition
Greek God. Oh man, a Patouhas is just amazing at anything and everything.
Wow, that's so good that it's almost Patouhas good.
by Jon April 23, 2005
a noun meaning: a person who will challenge anyone to a fight to the death, especially when unprovoked. Is usually just an idle threat and the person doing it is probably just all talk.
"some kid just challenged me to a fight to the death because i asked him to borrow a pencil"
"dont worry it was probably just by a patouhas"
by Reggles June 08, 2005
its when you take a bag of feces and light it on fire then get high off the fumes and chuck the bag at stuff
You fucking hoodlums, ill get you for this how dare you patouhas my new cadillac escalade
by terd ferguson April 23, 2005
fuck it i dont know. an adjective for resplendent.
check out that patouhas quetzal. its so patouhas.
by rory the dog November 25, 2005
Family of the ancient dinosaur.
WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE WINGS ON THE GREEKASAURUS. Must be from the patouhas family.
by Matt Pelosi April 28, 2005
its greek, and its the act of wrestling naked little boys that had been used as currency, and after gaining their trust you sodomize them beyond belief sans lube
I need to gain little niko's trust before I wrestle and patouhas him till his nose bleeds
by bjorn April 24, 2005
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