18 year old Asian hooker
Did you see that patootie down by youngs pizza?
by El Frank March 03, 2015
Often known as a guy named Adrian. He's the God of Sexonia and is deeply in love with his Goddess Jessica.
Hey, look, it's Patootie! /diesofsexy.
by Jezzypls August 18, 2013
Attractive woman, one with a great figure. Quite a looker
You are some patootie babe - wanna dance..?
by Artyhands August 15, 2005
1. The polite way to identify a fat woman's ass
Hey, Pam, get your goddamn patootie in here and fix me a sandwich! Oh, yeah, and put a lot of goddamn mayonnaise on too!
by Mighty Felix July 26, 2006

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