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pato is a spanish way of saying gay
1:ese tigere es un maldito pato
2:olle henry es un pato, el mamaguebo
by jorge martinez February 17, 2008
Pull A Tiddy Out
I told that bitch on snapchat to PATO.
by Joeypbasically June 30, 2016
Grooms a goat by patting its ass and fucks it viciously. While fucking it yells incoherently.
That a pretty looking goat. I might go give it a pato.
by Assassin75 January 15, 2016
It is the worst insult in the Spanish Language. Those who hear it grow feathers and lay eggs on the spot.
Pato madre!
by patomadre December 14, 2010
Dublin abbreviation for the name Patrick
He was known as Pato.
by Pato 2 June 19, 2008
The act of rubbing one's erect penis between two large breasts followed by ejaculating all over the aforementioned lady's face.
He gave her a pato after having sex
by Mischa89 April 25, 2011
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