this is a ghetto way that most people in the hood say partner
Wattup patna, how ya doin
by Jarylin February 14, 2005
Top Definition
another word for "HOMIE" or "FRIEND".
a ebonicized word for "PARTNER"
I was chill wit ma patna Tommy tom the otha day and he was like "Hey patna, pass that fuckin spliff."
by D-FOES November 02, 2003
Friend, partner, comrade, brother, amigo, hombre. All are meanins of this word
Wo, back it up patna
by hunts July 01, 2003
patna slang term for the word partner
"u gonna get heated patna"
by Bait mutha fucka June 02, 2003
Dirtiest place in the whole wide world. Located in India in the state of Bihar.
Really trashy place with dirty and smelly people who take a shower twice a month in the winter.
by Sagzag February 03, 2004
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