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A sorry, exhausted, frustrated state of mind, self-inflicted as the result of an obsession with beating one's own score in Facebook's Pathwords game
"It's 6:00 in the morning and you've already played 10 rounds of Pathwords. You're Pathetic!"
by Boss Brian July 12, 2009
A fat white guy who gets fired from Sears and beaches his car on a curb at Starbucks.
Alex is pathetic. Good stuff, man.
by Cassie Deuchemal April 25, 2004
A fancier way of spelling the Kansas City Chiefs or referring to a football game in which the KC Chiefs are playing in
"This is so Pathetic."
"You mean the Chief's game"
by MaxxIsMadness September 18, 2011
Any person that adds his or her name to urban dictionary in an attempt to gain popularity or make his or her self feel special or important.
Wow! You're so pathetic you actually put your name on urban dictionary? You should go kill yourself
by hellscowboy October 19, 2011
posting what you think of people's name on UrbanDictionary.com
seriously guys, it is pathetic.... i mean, look at chance
by foxkittfyre September 24, 2012
1. P A thetic. When someone has done something stupid they should be know as a P A thetic
1. 'Your so P A Thetic'
2. 'Stop being so P A thetic'
by P A Thetic February 07, 2010
When two or more people meet up at the library on St. Patty's Day eve with dollar coke's from McDonalds, and proceed to pour rum into them.
Shelby and Courtney are on the second floor of the library being pathetic.
by reverandstiffnasty March 16, 2014