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Also known as potatoes (mostly by intelligent people), these are a poo-colored food.
Kid with 11 toes: "Patatoes: The worlds greatest food!"

Kid with 10 toes, holding a sandwich: "Holy shit ya dumb fucker"
by Noodly appendage August 27, 2006
the worlds greatest food!!!!
if u don't like patatoes u should die!
by carl 17 July 24, 2006
The things you throw at people.
Look Out!
Huh Oof *thud*
by chello March 24, 2005
a fat guy who is hella fat with long hair drives a green car most likely looks mexican has a mustache. titties are able to bounce. is retarded but kool.
patato looks like a fat girl
by 123:) July 25, 2010
A silencer for a gun.
Put the patato on the barrel. Guerill black
by R Killa May 18, 2006
a triangular shaped genital, not a boy or a girl, but an it. a patato is very hairy.
EWWW!I heard Jake has a patato! and so does Hatch!
by Joyce Hatch November 23, 2007