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one of the most admirable people to ever walk the earth
pat tillman was a stud
by go devils December 07, 2004
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An NFL player who went to war in Afghanistan before everyone who realized what a disaster it would be, and then died in a pointless friendly fire incident; a man of great courage and conviction, and very little faith.
"Is it true Pat Tillman was an atheist?"
"Well, he didn't go to church, but even if he was, does that make him any less of an American hero?
by February 06, 2007
a sex move where a dude is about to bust on a chicks face, when another dude dressed in camo runs out, dives in between them with both hands up and takes the load in the face
dude, i cant believe you pat tillmanned me last night grace is never gonna talk to me again
by big cock bob July 10, 2008

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