1) A pasty is a baked savoury pastry, particularly associated with Cornwall, the westernmost county in England.

2) A pasty is also an insult to say to flatmates
Kristy: " MATE your a pasty! "
Mir: " I'm such a pasty :( "
Farry: " ...Woo Cornwall! "
by Big GIRL November 10, 2013
Possibly the best gastonomic treat ever ! As everyone west of the Tamar knows the proper pasty is found in one place only - the lost Celtic country of the Kernow Republic. Never called the "Cornish pasty" in Cornwall - just plain pasty or tatty oggie will surfice. Secret ingredients can be disclosed as chuck steak or skirting, diced tatties, turnip, onion, salt and pepper and sometimes parsley all enclosed in a special formula pastry wrap. The Kernowyon diaspora keep this traditon going around the world especially in America, South Australia, South Africa and Mexico.
Wos'on with they cheap imitations from 'cross the border - let's 'av a proper 'ansome celtic pasty and a dish of tay dreckly !
by Huwall July 10, 2008
Prouncounced Paste-eez, it means the pastey, claggy, dry mouth that you get from smoking weed.
"I got chronic pasties right now
by Diego Blunt August 29, 2003
when an unprecedented amount of cannabis has been smoked leaving the mouth feeling dried up and sticky. No amount of liquid can cure the pasties, often dried biscuits or bread will cause great discomfort to a person experiencing the pasties due to the inability to successfully chew the food without it sticking to every part of the mouth.
"lick the rolly paper dude"
"nah i can't, ive got the killer pasties"

"i can't swallow this chocolate biscuit, ive got the pasties"
by galem April 03, 2009
Pastys are little stickers that cover up chicks nipples.
That Bianca chick really needs some pastys, her nips are like buldging out of her shirt!
by Hp4lyf April 06, 2011
pasty is a word that is more extreme than any other. it is the end all be all of words. when you are at a loss of words. pasty is the word you need.
i miss you so pasty!
by juicy stylz March 24, 2011
Describing a super hot girl with not pale but "pasty" skin
Dom: Yo Sam did you see that girl!?

Sam: Hell yeah man she was so pasty!!
by squarepocket November 14, 2011

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