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teenage girls who are always on tumblr and think "grunge" is dying there her in different colours (purple,blue,etc) they always have tights on with different patrens (upside down crosses, pentagrams) and have early 90's 80's 70's band t-shirts that mostly likely they never even heard there music (nirvana,soundgarden,ramones,etc) and have a pair of doc martens and think smoking ciggarets in the rain is cool and saying how much they hate humanity, BUT THIS HIPSTER POSERS RUINED THE SUBCULTURE IT USED TO BE JUST A MUSIC GENRE NOT A FASHION AND THEY KILLED THE SUBCULTURE BY SAYING EMO BANDS, HIPSTER BANDS ARE "GRUNGE " THERE FAR FROM IT
Realgrungegirl-"hey nice nirvana shirt what's your favorite song by them"

Pastelgrungebitch-"………come as you are? "

Realgrungegirl-"bitch i knew u where gonna say that"*grabs her purple hair and throws her in to a brick wall and starts listening to mr.mustache by nirvana while bashing the hipster head then sticks all her ciggarets in side her mouth and lights them all and screams DEATH TO PASTEL GRUNGE *
#stupid #hipster #posers #realgrunge #killhipsters
by sean oshkågardenson August 20, 2014
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