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A woman who gives sexual favors in exchange for spaghetti dinners.
I made a delicious lasagna for a pastatute.
by HarpoD January 23, 2010
a skinny slut, whose lanky body resembles some form of spaghetti.
"someone give that pastatute a sandwich"
by yourmotherhascrabs November 01, 2007
A woman that sells herself for a plate of spaghetti.
After her fifth plate of pasta, I joked with the rest of dinner table that she was a pastatute!
by Qorn36 July 30, 2010
Someone who sells themselves on the street for pasta.
Generally an Italian, or a rather large female. Will have sex with a male to be paid in pasta.
Joe: "How come that girl on the corner is showing you leg & licking her lips and asking for pasta?"

Rob: "Oh, that's just Angie, she's a real pastatute, she'll do ANYTHING for a plate of ziti".
by IloveEmilyMunn March 14, 2011
when a woman gives sexual favors for any kind of pasta.
woman: " ill do something for ya for that plate of spagetti."

Man: " what are you a Pastatute or something?"
by lrn_strn94 January 16, 2011
One who sells left over pasta in tupperware containers, on the side of the road or street corner.
I feel bad for Mary, she had to resort to being a pastatute, she cant even feed her kids pasta anymore, She just sells in on the street.
by Captain Barbosa June 04, 2012
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