A word that can be used an a noun, adjective, adverb, etc. if you are extremely hyper at said moment and/or intoxicated or high
You pasta!
Watch out, you're about to get pasta'd!
You're acting so pasta-y
by Mr. Awesomeland April 14, 2007
A codename for marijuana.
Bob: "Yooo dude I'm getting some pasta tonight behind Dunkin Donuts, you wanna come?"
Mark: "Yeah man"
by Hannahleighgee October 15, 2007
Pasta is a codeword for sex. Commonly used in conversations around adults, coworkers, or teachers. "Join the facebook group: Pasta:the acticity, not the food"
"We had hot pasta last night"
"It didn't look too good, but the pasta was great"
"I love hot and steamy pasta"
by West Bumfuck November 06, 2008
Any form of alcohol or the consumption of alcohol.
"Hey I got us a ton of pasta"
"Sweet, let's indulge untill we can't stand"
by Yodia January 19, 2006
Slang term for marijuana. It is often used over the telephone as a codeword and is not typically mentioned during face to face conversations.

Pasta can also be used to describe money derived from illegitimate business.
You - "I'm tryina get something to eat."

Drug Dealer - "Word? I know a good place that serves up some nice pasta."

You - "Come through."
by Krill Awareness May 10, 2007

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