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1. a file of private, important personal information on a person, kept by the government, that may be sought by others for use in discrediting you in your run for public office. This file was made famous during the 2008 presidential campaign.
2. personal information that could be held against you were it not secret.
1. All three candidates had their passport files breached, presumably for political reasons.
2. Jim, why are you giving me shit about this. Do you have something on me? Do you need to see my passport file? I got no skeletons.
by Michael Grant March 22, 2008
What really bored government clerks look at in their free time; what really bored reporters write about in their free time; what politicians denounce where there aren't real issues.
I don't get it. If the only thing in a passport file is a copy of your application, how can this be the result of a great right/left wing conspiracy?
by Conspiracy Theorem March 22, 2008
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