someone who is passive has no actions involved in whatever is taking place.
a passive submissive conclusive relentless indecisive effect has no meaning whatsoever, though the subpassive, illpassive and bypassive means have more effect on the other passiveness than that of the passive passiveness previously explained in this article.
j watching an argument between 2 rice throwers
rt 1' ai, u chu cum tu, wy u so eval
rt 2' i chu ! u won dat chu !
rt 1' u cum chua, git outcha mi howse !

j had a passive action in this argument

now j is watching a car crash
j' aight, these six sticks of dyno should take care of that pothole...
kid' chyeah
j' now, lets just get over here in this bush and push this little button here...
as j pushes the button three cars, a truck and a pizziola crawl past at an unordinarilly slow pace]
szichkaboom ! ! ! ! ! !
j' yer, pothole is gawnnn hombraro
kid' was that a behemoth i saw ?
j' nah man ur just trippin
kid' but... yer ur right
j' of course, im always right...
kid' i thought that was zaffo
j' ya fukwit, who the fuk is zaffo
kid' mmph... some random dude ?
dude' ai.. who called
j' man im a worldwide shitmagnet
by J April 03, 2005
Top Definition
adj. allowing others to walk all over you as if you were a doormat
I'm not gonna passively sit at home while that jerk steals my man!
by The Grammar Inquisitor December 02, 2002
adj. 1: tending to take the submissive, inactive role in sex 2: being acted upon 3: "bottom"
I thought Sam was passive. Why'd you let 'im fuck you?
by The Grammar Inquisitor December 02, 2002
adjective: In a homosexual relationship between a man and a man, the protagonists cannot have it both ways: one of them gives it to the other. This refers to the person on the receiving end of the penis.

When intending to insult someone by calling them a homosexual, qualifying him as passive makes it more derogatory.
You really are one passive homosexual!
by Daveeed February 26, 2006
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