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1. A band that some of my friends like. It's main appeal to them is that no one's heard of it.

2. See: Vagina
1. My friend: Have you heard the new Passion Pit?
Me and 90% of the world: What the fuck is Passion Pit?

2. Bob nailed Susie in the Passion Pit until she cried.
by Tikibarberfan February 02, 2010
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an orgy between mgmt and animal collective
were u in that passion pit last night, no there was some people form mgmt fucking but no one from animal collective
by spinal chords May 07, 2009
Passion Pit is an American electro band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Michael Angelakos (lead vocals/keyboards), Ian Hultquist (keyboards), Ayad Al Adhamy (synth/samples), Jeff Apruzzese (bass) and Nate Donmoyer (drums).
Have you heard of the band Passion Pit?
by Sarahmarie24 April 19, 2009
If Electric Light Orchestra and the Doors had a baby, then that baby and MGMT had a baby, then that baby and Animal Collective had a baby, Passion Pit would be that baby. Just imagine the greatest sex your ears have ever had, now multiply that by about 4000. That's Passion Pit. Check out Sleepyhead, Little Secrets, Swimming in the Flood, and Moth's Wings
Guy 1: Dude have you ever listened to Passion Pit?
Guy 2: No what's that?
1: Dude take this cd, it's called Manners. Now go in your room, turn off the lights, light some scented candles and listen to it. You will be quite satisfied.
2: Ok whatever dude.....


1: So how was it?
2: Oh my God dude, my ears came so many times. I've never been more satisfied in my life. Good looks bro. If Passion Pit was a woman, she would have big titties, a skinny stomach, and a gigantic muscular ass. I'm gonna go pleasure myself to this more
by Slappy Mcdappy May 16, 2011
The make out spot at a drive-in theater.

*the reason the band Passion Pit chose it as a band name.
I had the time of my life at the passion pit
by Johnny808 October 11, 2010
A drive-in theater in the 50's where couples would go to make out.
"Debbie and I are going to the passion pit."



"Lucky, Gretchen and I are just having dinner with my mother."
by Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy March 27, 2015
an untouched fresh ring peice or brown eye
sam was bent over as big wayne was gona enter his passion pit
by bonjonical June 24, 2007
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