The idiot drivers that move steadily along, but suddenly increase speed when they wake up and realize you are passing them. If they succeed in blocking your opportunity to pass, they will immediately resume the former, annoying pace. If you pass them successfully, they will ride your bumper for a short time before returning to la-la land.
That's right you F%$&!@# passhole. Suddenly you're in a big F%$&!@# hurry!
by Paul Laibach May 01, 2004
A driver that rides your ass late at night on a dark twisty country road flashing their lights and honking. Once you reach a two lane road, the passhole will not pass you right away, choosing instead to hold their horn and flash their lights behind you as you drive 5 miles over the speed limit concentrating on not dying. The passhole will then often turn on their brights and pass you slowly, making sure that the glory of their redneck hi-beams used to find deer or escaped convicts blinds you in both your rear and sideview mirrors.
"God, I wish he would turn off his damn brights and get around me!"

"Yeah, I know, what a passhole!"
by Sarah the Bear April 28, 2007
Someone who passes you and then goes really slow.
DRIVER: Go the speed limit! Why did you pass me just to go so slow? Passhole!

PASSENGER: I don't think he can hear you.
by Carroll Shelby March 04, 2009
when a girl is ripped from asshole too vagina,causing there too holes to become one big pass hole. often happening during child birth. but could be used in hard core sexual activity.
im going to tare you a new passhole you cheating whore
by cracker bob June 04, 2011
when someone on the highway can pass you on the left but decides to pass you on the right instead.
dude, did you see that guy change lanes to pass me on the right?

Yeah, what a passhole
by silvershamus February 20, 2010
someone who opts out of participating in a decision but then complains bitterly about the outcome
Laura went to all the meetings about what to name the new product, but she never raised a single objection, never offered a different name, and even voted to approve the final decision. Now she is acting like a complete passhole, bad-mouthing the process and complaining about the name. Why the hell didn't she speak-up before we made the decision?
by Work Matters February 21, 2010
when a pussy or ass hole gets fucked so hard that both pussy and ass hole become one hole, it Never heals
"i hear that girls sooo loose she has a passhole"
by dudeathome May 31, 2009
The moron in a Ford F150 or similar giant truck that roars past you at an unsafe speed during a whiteout or when there's ice on the road.
I'm driving over route 20 the other night in driving snow, going 45 like EVERYONE ELSE, except for the PASSHOLE that has to go to the bar...
by Peking February 24, 2009

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