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The idiot drivers that move steadily along, but suddenly increase speed when they wake up and realize you are passing them. If they succeed in blocking your opportunity to pass, they will immediately resume the former, annoying pace. If you pass them successfully, they will ride your bumper for a short time before returning to la-la land.
That's right you F%$&!@# passhole. Suddenly you're in a big F%$&!@# hurry!
by Paul Laibach May 01, 2004
8859 3176
The term cast members of Disneyworld and Disneyland have coined for season pass holders; specifically pass holders that frequent the parks on a weekly basis and behave like they own the place.
"Did you see that?! That little girl was about to trade her pins with a cast member and that Passhole knocked her out of the way. I bet he ordered his pins on eBay and they aren't even stamped!"
by d33dee May 10, 2012
65 178
An annual passholder at an amusement park that's been to the park so many times that he or she is an ass to the management, often because in many cases they know more about the park than the staff does.
"He keeps correcting the Jungle Cruise operator"
"What a passhole"
by JHanielB January 03, 2012
63 177
The people who buy the Fast Passes and are able to cut to the front of the line even though you've been waiting in line for an hour. One usually calls another a passhole when they cut directly in front of you when you were supposed to be next to go on the coaster.
The hell are you doing? Get to the end of the l... Ah, Dammit. You're a goddamned passhole.
by [DAC]Dave July 15, 2005
12 150
n. \ˈpas-ˌ(h)ōl\ a motor-vehicle operator with a hair and/or other irritable object in their rectum, who will take any conceivable risk to themselves, other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, or free-roaming animals in order to gain a car's length before stopping at the next red light.

n. \ˈpas-ˌ(h)ōl\ a motor-vehicle operator who speeds up when they realize they are about to be passed.

n. \ˈpas-ˌ(h)ōl\ a motor-vehicle operator who drifts aimlessly into the passing lane, but who lacks the ability, will, or common sense to apply pressure to the gas pedal, thereby causing motorists behind them to click out of cruise control, pwning their driving buzz.
"Take a number like the rest of us, passhole!"

"Sorry. Did i wake you up, passhole!?"

"Take your time, sweet-heart. Eeeeeaaaasy does it. Passhole."
by citizenVern November 24, 2009
43 189
A contraction of passenger and asshole.

An innate condition overcoming anyone sitting in the passenger seat. Condition consists of passenger making unhelpful suggestions to the driver using a condescending and self righteous tone. Most often noticed in couples.
Passenger: "Are you trying to scare me, you're going to fast for the conditions..."
Driver: "No, I'm going the speed limit. Stop being a passhole."

Passenger: "Be courteous and give that pedestrian some room."
Driver: "What, he hasn't even started into the crosswalk yet. Quit being a passhole."
by Chateau Shimmy January 17, 2010
21 179
A driver who attempts to pass a car going less than 3 mph less than them, and does not speed up to do so, therefore effectively blocking 2 lanes for an unnecessary amount of time. Often an old person.
I wish this passhole would speed so I could pass the semi too.
by Caleb January 08, 2004
18 190
A passhole is someone who passes you (while you're going a reasonable speed) just so they can drive faster.
"That person just passed me while I'm going 60 in a 55! What a passhole!"
by Vancarrie April 10, 2009
25 202