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when one engages in sexual intercourse with a drunk person they meet at a social gathering either at said social gathering or immediately thereafter.
credit completely goes to syn of EF FAME!!!
"i got a safety buzz so it would cover for any partyfucking that happened later in the night"


"yeah man, i went to that kegger, hit on a chick all night and then i partyfucked her"
by axionjackson August 12, 2006
A person you fuck, but only at parties. This can either be agreed upon or just repeatedly happen unplanned. Similar to a fuck buddy
1. Louise: Hey Jim... that party was great. You wanna meet up again sometime soon?

Jim: Nah, you were just a party fuck.

2. Elmo: If this party isn't going great later on, I'll be your party fuck.

Hayley: Yeh ok, I'll come find you if I'm bored.
by gashbasher May 01, 2007
Verb- A synonym for gangbang.
I'm going to get three of my best friends and party-fuck you like a sophomore at a private school.
by IZazz June 07, 2011
What happens when get an erection and your pants fall down at your hot 6 year old sister's birthday party. Also see; Incest
Mom: who's up for cake?
You: *thinking to self* god i am so horny
Mom: blow out the candles sweety
You: *thinking to self* she can blow out my candle anyday
Then your pants fall down, causing everyone to immediatly stare at your giant pulsating penis, you then proceed to turn this occasion into a partyfuck.
by aenimav August 15, 2006
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