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party shit, n

When, at a house party, the bathroom line becomes noticeably longer than it usually does, it it because someone is in there taking a huge crap that couldn't wait until later. Or maybe he was too stupid to clear his colon beforehand. Either way, when the perpetrator leaves the bathroom, the entire place stinks to high heaven.
dude, that was one foul party shit, I hate you.
by uncle tom January 12, 2004
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An invitation to celebrate and let go of one's cares in an idiosyncratic and inexpressible idiom. Alternative to the more straightforward/common "party hearty", and its variant "party hardy". Neither negative nor positive in connotation, neither zealous nor blasé. Like the Tao, cannot be explained further without destroying its meaning. Most often used as a greeting or toast, it can serve almost any non-expletive purpose.
Example 1: Dave (toasting the first guests at a gathering): Party shit.
Guests: Party shit.

Example 2: Jeff: It looks like they left an 'r' off your "party shirt".
Steve: No. They didn't.
Jeff: Oh.

Example 3: Mark: Why does it say "Party shit" on these cocktail napkins?
(Tom shrugs.)
Mark: Oh.
by SmallieBiggs December 28, 2012
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taking a shit and listening to house music during the shit.
Whats that noise man? It sounds like house music in the bahtroom? ohhh Erick is taking a party shit.
by Amir Amil August 08, 2011
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Josh: Let's sing one more Rock band song
Dom: No.... I'm too tired
Josh: Don't be a Party Shit
by amaplayr April 16, 2010
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