A group of friends who goes to parties without participating in the party, which therefore often kills the mood.
- See who just walked in through the door, it's prutskid and friends
- Oh, they're such partypoopers
by Mr. meeeeeeeeeee March 25, 2011
Someone who ruins a party by getting totally wasted and shits on the floor, the couch, his friend's polo, the wall, and many other places. As well as shitting all over the place, a Party Pooper can sometimes also throw up underneath a dog bowl, piss on the kitchen floor, or on someone's shoes. The Party Pooper usually awakens the next morning covered in his own shit, vomit, and piss. The Party Pooper flees the party house in a state of confusion, leaving his disgruntled friends to clean up his disgusting mess.
A classic example of a Party Pooper is Tyler Price, who did everything that is described in the definition.
by Gaz55 February 18, 2008
Someone that goes and poops at a party to make everyone avoid the bathroom and to put everyone in a bad mood because all they can smell in the entire house in the stinky poop.
-Dude this party sucks, it smells like poop all over your house so everyone just left or went outside.
-Yeah that was Craig who pooped in my bathroom downstairs.
-Yeah. Why would someone even poop downstairs? Is that sabotage? What a party-pooper.
by André10000 June 22, 2011
Portable toilets used at a public party, concert, or event.
There's a long line at the party poopers.
by GenuineNerd September 21, 2009
Before ejaculating on your partners face, shove a handful of confetti in your anus. After ejaculating quickly turn around and fart out the confetti on your partners face causing it to adhere to the semen. Often followed up by the male yelling "Surprise!"
I had leftover confetti in my house so what else would I do? I gave her a party pooper of course.
by papasmurff September 19, 2010
Someone attending a bitchin' party and pulls a fucking gun when it's at it's best, and makes everyone leave.

Other pronunciations, "Faggot"
Derek: Yo TJ, that party last night was off the chain, i was gettin' some from this one girl.
TJ: What was her name, again?
Derek: I don't know, that guy pulled a gun and ruined the party before I could even talk to her.
TJ: Man, what a party pooper.
by not_Partyin'! October 01, 2010
when rob wieland walks into a room
goddamn party pooper.
by Bobby Wieland March 26, 2010
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