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An apparently growing fad in which a group of people gets together and pool together a large tub of medications and/or street drugs intended for simultanious consumption. The mix consists of, (but is not limited to), various perscription Rx, Over-the-counter OTC, and street drugs (usually in a pill or blotter form).
"Yo dude, put some more dxm in the party mix, too much fuckin valium and adderall in there right now."

"Who's got the MDMA? our party mix is looking a little off color tonight."

"Damn, dave took a handfull of lastnights party mix, washed it down with a beer and in 5 minutes he was on the ground having a seizure."
by somepeoplearereallystupid December 19, 2006
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don't tell my doctor i've been eating party mix, he told me to stay off the sugar
by ohcrapmisso September 25, 2006
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1.Something that exists but at the some time doesnt exsist but gives basic rights to owning and or being more awsome (beast mode) then someone or something else.

2. Anything you want it to be
1.The Westlake football team has all the party mix, no other team has party mix.

2. I have all the party mix/Hey did you bring the party mix?/that dog has all the party mix/ ahhhh they just stole the party mix/ Rye Neck aint got no party mix
by Matty Hill Of Course October 27, 2008
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An equal amount of Skittles and M&Ms put into a bowl or serving dish, mixed together.
I like to keep some party mix on hand, because it is perfect for all occasions.
by theshed24 August 24, 2010
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PaRtYMiX is a professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player. He was currently ranked the #1 known CS:1.6 player in the world. It is projected that PaRtYMiX will be a name known in every house hold within 2 years.
wtf man PaRtYMiX has 49 frags.... and its only the 4th round!
by oleeeelle September 10, 2007
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