Contrary to grab bag sacks of goodies and crap given out at parties of prepubescent youth, party favors are benevolent actions done by one party reveler to another.
By giving out pizza and beer and allowing women to take off their tops, Brandon was the king of doing party favors for his fellow
#party #party actions #vagetarian #party bitch #sausage fest
by Mr. Fuel March 23, 2007
Top Definition
generally pluralized, "party favors" is a euphemism for drugs, mainly cocaine or others.
"so who's hooking it up with the party favors tonite?"
by chintalalan March 12, 2005
drugs in general
I'm a tall, buff SWM, 8" long, looking for hot teen pussy. I have party favors.
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
slang for methamphetamines.

other known terms:
black beauties
crystal meth
party favors
white lady
guy: do u party
me: yeah
guy: got ne party favors?
me: yeah got a half tina lets go party, its a tweakend!!!
guy: hell yeah i love pulling these tweakends!!!
me: lmao
#party #party and play #weed #shit #tweak out #beer
by skaterjack October 05, 2006
A girl that is invited to a party specifically due to the fact that she tends to sleep with guys that she just meets quite often at parties
Hey I did remember to invite a couple of party favors for tonight.
#hooker #whore #slut #party-whore #piece-of-ass
by Dando69 September 20, 2006
A Party Favor is a woman who invited to lots of parties because everyone knows she will have a few drinks or get a little stoned and then will let all the men use her all night long.
Kathy is known as the ultimate party favor. She loves to dress in her shortest skirts with no panties, thigh highs, and her 4 inch fuck me heels. She always gets used by at least 3 or 4 men at every party. She usually gets home as her kids are getting up for school, cum drying in her hair and on her clothes. Just last week she went to a party at a coworkers and within an hour she was in a bathroom upstairs bent over the sink with the host's cock pumping her wet pussy. Before the party was over she had 5 loads of cum shot into her willing dirty body. She even sucked off the taxi driver who gave her a ride home.
#slut #blonde #cum #used #whore
by btld February 02, 2008
A "party favor" in BDSM circles is an individual, usually female, who is used to service people watching, but not participating, in a scene or act. This is generally done orally, and is similar in nature to a fluffer.
"My boyfriend took me to a leather club where I was a party favor all night"
#bdsm #fluffer #bondage #sex club #submissive #bottom
by AB-Scene August 25, 2007
Some one of either sex that intentionally gets inebriated to have an excuse to be promiscuous, sexually explorative, or to simply get laid.
Man I heard Jack got so drunk tonight he left with a dude. What a party favor.
#torta #whore #fubar #drunk fuck #crs (cant remember shit) #straight vacation #curious #surprise sex #first time #college #experiment #stranger #gay #straight #bi
by ooRoBoToo January 24, 2011
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