When you intenionally fart on someone at a party without them realizing it.
I was dropping major party farts up in there man...all over those prissy beezies.
by Party Master September 10, 2006
Top Definition
A fart that is boisterously loud and emits little, if no, smell. In order to qualify as a party fart, said fart must be heard by at least two other people, exluding the farter.
Juan's party fart shook the room as everyone broke out into hysterical laughter.
by paranoidBernzoid July 16, 2010
Farts that are loud and funny sounding, but are not smelly.
Thanks to my party farts, I was the life of the party.
by AustinJG November 20, 2008
a loud audible act of flatulence which doesn't produce any foul or offensive odor. an act that produces joy and humor with no ill side effects.
Frankie "Ewwww, Dad you farted!!! Gross"

Dad "Don't worry, it's just a party fart; it won't smell"
by PickleBreakfast January 10, 2014
The farting sound made when one sweaty belly presses against another, usually during intercourse.
Her moans were so loud, I couldn't even hear the party farts.
by FlamingP June 14, 2009
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