A Man who likes to party a lot.
"Hi i'm here in Japan and i feel like partying."
by Vicky November 23, 2003
Especially while listening to techno-
can be a noun, Partyboy, or verb, Partyboying
Pump your fists in the air, while jumping up an down on one foot, switching every two hops. Especially useful for expressing happiness while techno is playing.
"Dude, so I went home, and I was really happy, so I put on some techno really loud and Partyboyed around my room."
by andrei901 December 04, 2008
a guy who frequently engages in the club and drug scene (i.e., nightclubs and narcotics)
Michael Alig was a notorious Party Boy before he was sent to prison in the 1990's.
by JMo5 January 26, 2007
Party Boy is when two or more males run up to someone of either sex and proceed to dry hump the target while screaming "Party Boy!" and throwing their arms up in the air.
1. This dude was being a dickweed and so we found him after school and party boy-ed him silly.
by Wang March 28, 2005
Someone who likes to party and knows how to do it, good... someone like Michael Lee.
The new Party Boy: Michael "Sheriff" Lee
by Adam Bonaventura December 12, 2008
the coolest dude in the world today.
Party boy keckes ass. He pulled me up on stage at the Brisbane show of don't try this at home and he said I was a cook ckick. He thinks I'm hot can you believe it.
by teresa April 12, 2004
To take your clothers off, whack your undies up your crack and start strip dancing
have you seen Jackass?
by BEAZO August 19, 2003

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