The act of joining someone else party in an online game after being invited and bring 5 or 6 other people, making it impossible to go into matchmaking without booting people.
So i pissed off "insert gamertag here" by bringing 6 of my friends into his party. I party bomb the shit out of him.
by irnotdum May 01, 2008
The Party Bomb is an energy shot created in 2011 aimed at the younger generation and party scene guaranteed to keep the party going strong all day or night long. The Party Bomb is associated with the phrase, PARTYBOMBED. They also have an interactive website/blog to show off mega parties and events.
Sorry for Party Rockin, I drank a Party Bomb!
by Partybombed Tonight December 19, 2011
A PartyBomb is a sweet tart like tasting energy shot sold by Party Bombs, Inc. The first PartyBomb flavor out is the berry flavor in a blue and pink 2 ounce bottle. You can buy PartyBomb energy shots at
PartyBomb Energy Shot
by PartyBombed October 29, 2011
an extremely delicious and intoxicating drink that consists of a jug of cranberry juice and a liter of vodka. pour out a 1/4 of the cranberry juice and empty contents of vodka bottle into cranberry juice jug, thus giving you "the party bomb".

curt- "man, i got the worst urinary tract infection."

heidi- "dude, drink some of this party bomb."

curt- "what's in it?"

heidi- "cranberry juice and"

curt- "ummm...i think i'll pass."
by heidifizzle April 10, 2007

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