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Something stupid shitheads do that eventually ends up in a wreck, STDs, cheating on someone, or a combination of those.
Jeff and all his friends went to a party and got drunk off their ass. As they were driving back he lost control and crashed into the railing and drove off the road and they all died. This is a true story.

Emily went to a party and some guys got her drunk. She ended up cheating on her boyfriend and dumping him the day afterwords because of how bad she felt. Based on a true story.

John went to a party and ended up doing it with three girls and getting herpes.
by Arch0wl October 13, 2004
Any event with 5 plus people that involves Nikki. An event that doesn't involve Nikki, would definitely not be a party.
Max thinks that he's attending a party, but Nikki isn't there, so he's not actually at a party.
by Moi November 12, 2004