go crazy!!!!!!
i dont know
mabe PARTY
by eddie the great April 08, 2004
A place were pimps go to to try to meet bitches and get their perv (see pervin), lika a get together, lol, u noe wtf fuck I'm talkin bout
Ay foo, u heard of any partys this weekend?
by JstnTym420 August 29, 2004
D n E partying getting shitcanned and gettin stds wrecking cars or fucking nasty bitches
Wes and all his friends went to The Starting Line and got drunk off their ass. As they were driving back he decided to do cookies and crashed into the railing of a concrete island in a parking lot and two of his friends hauled asds so they didnt get in trouble but they did anyway and the other bitch in the car went to jail......true story.

Teresa went to The Starting Line and some guys got her drunk. She ended up slipping something in one of there drinks and taking one home needless to say she was 40.... kids these days

Another example get a girl from ur college town to visit your college town think you have something but say fuck it cuz one of the other girls will tell you if you got somethin....
by E......l November 01, 2004
Deriving from the base word "part", "party" is a term for a large social gathering in celebration of a live sacrifice. It is named "party" because it is a time where a soul parts from a body.

The party was unsuccessful because Billy can't tie a rope correctly.
by Franky V April 02, 2006
traumatizing of

a thing to be held constantly...
Yo, there's a dope party at Bridget's house soon.
by um... not Bridget... May 11, 2005
party - to perform an orgy of sex, or run a train. Ie...2 guys and 1 girl.
Yo son...you wouldn't believe that smut let me and Tone party on her.

Yo, me and Tone partied that bitch last nite.
by Fly May 13, 2004
Social gatherings, the teenage ones of which consist of:

+ Alcohol
+ Tasteless music (see urban music)
+ Those present at them behaving like animals

Teenagers should study and do their homework instead of partaking in such shenanigans.
Some drunken teenagers were partying irresponsibly in the building adjacent to my house one night, so I called the cops on them to protect those naive kids from further poisoning their livers! I'm such an asset to my community. :D
by Dark_Reaper- September 30, 2005

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