A verb that means to inject or smoke crystal methamphetamine(speed) into your human body.
Looking to PARTY tonite with that girl Tina. Horned up tonite after Partying and looking to get WILD(have uninhibited bareback sex). Partied earlier and now ready for some wild sex.
by Waikikisunset April 06, 2011
A word used in popular culture today similar to how the word "smurf" was used in the old cartoon.
"Hey PARTYman, that party was off the PARTYhook"

"Ya bro, I put my PARTYstick in this girls PARTYhole"

by Tylerparties10 April 20, 2010
Can be used as a noun for a group of players who decide to work and fight together in a video game. May also be used as a verb for the act of banding together and cooperating with other game players.
"We're making a party to head into this Orc Dungeon, wanna join?"
by Stephanie M. October 28, 2003
Genetically modified herbal cannabis, weed,ganger or pot very popular with stoners in England. Many users smoke party in preference to drinking alcohol because they can drive their crappy old semi-pimped mainland European or Japanese cars, (England doesn't have a car industry to speak of any more) without fear of easily being arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs, something which is expected to change soon because the police will be getting road side drug testing equipment.
Hey man, let's get some party tonight

Give John the party, then if we get stopped, I won't get busted.

by Party breeder January 01, 2006
an event where drugs are consumed, usually alcohol, marijuana or cocaine
I picked up some tanqueray and blow...now we can start the party!
by sinclair233 November 21, 2005

Something that has tendencies to be cool or fun, like a party. Similar to something being the tits or being pretty awesome
Anchorman is so god-damn party.

I just got slapped by a baboon....Party!
by Partytimes1 October 25, 2010
one of the best things you can do during your week.filled with drinking,dancing,and sex. Highly recommending going to one, throwing one makes to big of a mess.
"Dude i got so drunk at that party it wasn't even funny"
by newbornking January 17, 2007

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