A gathering of more than ten persons with or without alcoholic liquor is deemed to constitute a party.
Porter: You must have filled in 10 million forms to have a party in Caius accommodation.
by Caian October 22, 2010
An amalgamation of people drinking and occasionally using illicit drugs
"You havin' a party this weekend?"
"Yeah man, it's gonna be baaaaaaaaaalinnnnnn'!!"
by Cassetteject February 24, 2007
Not a verb
Guy: Let's party!

Me: Party is not a verb.
by Party=Verb August 31, 2013
A verb that means to inject or smoke crystal methamphetamine(speed) into your human body.
Looking to PARTY tonite with that girl Tina. Horned up tonite after Partying and looking to get WILD(have uninhibited bareback sex). Partied earlier and now ready for some wild sex.
by Waikikisunset April 06, 2011
(adj.) a lot of fun, sweet like the coolest thing ever, not necessarily related to partying but describes cool elements of the coolest party ever
dude that top is so "party". his hair is so not "party", it is totally lame. looking at her "party" nails makes me want to get crunk in hur
by partyyourfaceoff1 March 05, 2009
Party (v)
when u get a BIG BIG house and alot of drunk girls together with a guy in one of the 5 rooms
by Sobe August 07, 2003
"To party" means to have a spliff.

See also pot and smoke
"Do you party ?" in the movie American Beauty.
by Julien June 08, 2003

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