"To party" means to have a spliff.

See also pot and smoke
by Julien June 08, 2003
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The exclamation used by Sixth Form students, whenever they hear something that brings them joy, usually the likelihood of a booze-filled houseparty coming up, and they need to express that joy to everybody else present.
McLameass: I'm having a party tonight y'all!
Peter: Is there a party going down?
Jordyn: YEAH!
Peter: PARTY!
by manyperson August 10, 2009
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booze, blunts an bitchs
by $TWI$TYD$ June 06, 2011
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Can be used as a noun for a group of players who decide to work and fight together in a video game. May also be used as a verb for the act of banding together and cooperating with other game players.
"We're making a party to head into this Orc Dungeon, wanna join?"
by Stephanie M. October 28, 2003
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Party (v)
when u get a BIG BIG house and alot of drunk girls together with a guy in one of the 5 rooms
by Sobe August 07, 2003
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Social gatherings, the teenage ones of which consist of:

+ Alcohol
+ Tasteless music (see urban music)
+ Those present at them behaving like animals

Teenagers should study and do their homework instead of partaking in such shenanigans.
Some drunken teenagers were partying irresponsibly in the building adjacent to my house one night, so I called the cops on them to protect those naive kids from further poisoning their livers! I'm such an asset to my community. :D
by Dark_Reaper- September 30, 2005
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Where people get shitfaced with lots of other people, do things they may or may not regret in the morning, and dance awkwardly. Also, there has to be someone named Claire there, or else it's not legit.
Example 1
Claire: Yeah. It's because I'm here.

Example 2
Person 1: This party sucks my grandma's dick
Person 2: Yeah. It's because Claire couldn't make it.
by GlassOlives July 23, 2011
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