Something comedian Nick Swardson says all the time... and a lot of people have started to use as a response to everything... and it usually never fits the situation.
"Hey, wanna hang out?"

"how are you?"

"my father just passed away."
"oh... party."

"why are we being followed?"

"i literally just shot someone"
by mawesome January 16, 2008
n. a social atmosphere that includes mixin' and mingling; something mind-blowingly fun.
adj. an event that's huge in magnitude; a crazy time.
v. gettin' it on.
"Dude, did you go to Amy and Natalie's shindigg?"
"Yeah man, it was party!" hell yea.
by na-tal-yah March 16, 2001
Where people get shitfaced with lots of other people, do things they may or may not regret in the morning, and dance awkwardly. Also, there has to be someone named Claire there, or else it's not legit.
Example 1
Claire: Yeah. It's because I'm here.

Example 2
Person 1: This party sucks my grandma's dick
Person 2: Yeah. It's because Claire couldn't make it.
by GlassOlives July 23, 2011
a group of people socializing on purpose
someone: do you wanna go on a party
me: no
by sarah banihani July 28, 2014
A social gathering, in which people of relatively the same age group(most commonly), get together and participate in derogatory actions such as drinking in excess, use of illegal narcotics, and unprotected sex, usually throughout the night. Consiquences of such profane acts may result in projectile vomitting, admission to the emergency room, potentially parenting a child, the clap, an unbearable rash and a wonderful fucking time.
I snorted copious amounts of unknown powders off of that prostitutes buttcheeks lastnight at that party, despite awaking to a horrible rash on my genitalia, i had a great time
by TittyLick Magee February 16, 2014
A pretermined lively gathering of 3 or more people at a defined location engaging in various social activies that may include drinking, music, dancing, etc
Hey, the 3 of us should go to this specified location and socialize at this party
by The Scientistss June 09, 2011
booze, blunts an bitchs
by $TWI$TYD$ June 06, 2011

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