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When a party-goer smashs the top of the bottle of another party-goer with their own causing the alcohol to foam and overflow. A "Party Fowl" is declared and both parties must chug whatever froths from their bottle.
*"John" sees a "hot", but sober girl, holding a beer. He approachs and hits the top of her beer with his own beer bottle.*
"Party Foul!"
*Both "John" and the "Hot", but sober, girl must now chug any beer which begins to spill*
by Steven July 23, 2004
Its when you do somthing stupis when you get high like putting the wrong side of the cigarette in your mouth
ohh he just threw up party foul.
by gang bang masingill May 29, 2006
A big bucket of KFC. Yummy!
And don't forget the sides.
by Chinga Su Madre January 02, 2005
One who is beat. One who parties excessively and irresponsibly.
Mack Kim is the epitome of a party foul. The ultimate party foul.
by suzannahie September 10, 2005