When a indivudual or group of individuals does something that completely goes against the feel of the party and ruins it for everyone else.
Yo, Kim just ate half of that twinkie and put it back in the bowl!

What?! Party Foul!


Frank just took a dump and touched all the pizza without washing his hands!

Party foul!
by Alejandro November 28, 2014
A Party Foul is when you and your friend's have a limited supply of alcohol and one person takes it all
You, Jhon, Alec and Jarrod have a bottle of Vodka. Alec takes it all. "PARTY FOUL"
by DontaskJustParty August 12, 2009
An amazing song by the band Attack Attack!
Have you listened to Party Foul by Attack Attack!? It makes me want to dance.
by Attack Attack Lover January 15, 2009
a party foul is when you screw up at a party.

note: The band Yellowcard gets its name from party fouling. You get a 'yellowcard' like in soccer if you party foul.
-Spilling a drink on your very expensive Brand new chinese rug.
-Getting too drunk and upchucking on your very expensive brand new Chinese rug.
-Killing the host's dog.
by holly June 27, 2004
Doing something stupid in a big group of people, e.g., a very crowded party, which results in a non-life-threatening but nonetheless unpleasant incident.
The mosh pit at the martini party was a major party foul.
by odysseus_polytropos June 29, 2004
When some one breaks the "flow" of the party and makes others lose attention to the one thing that makes them happy: losing all ability to think straight.
Dude that %$$%@ just tripped on the chair!
Haha she just puked on herself!
Hey he passed out. Lets dick face him!
Ok. Who left the smelly sock in my closet!?
Haha cant handle a beer bong!
Party foul...
by RealMJ December 06, 2006
Not being cool at a cool party and sending everyone home...
You win beer pong and kiss your partner. Your partner's ex boyfriend, who has no shirt on, flips over the killer beer pong table you spent 3 days on and then drags it outside and throws it off your balcony...party foul...you're welcome Webster!
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