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having disproportionately large (yet lacking definition)arms as a result of excessive partying. Especially prominent in women more than two years removed from college.
Last night Corey banged that girl in the tank top; You know the one with party arms. Oh that's too bad.
#partying #drinking #girls #sluts #whores #getting layed
by Rocky McDuffey February 01, 2009
A cross between a nipple and an arm.
The midgit, he's dancing, and what's that, he has a party-arm
#retardy-arm #deformed arm #physically challenged #born to rock
by Eric Lim November 04, 2005
Well-defined biceps that nicely fill out the sleeve of a t-shirt or short sleeve shirt. These arms can be seen anytime of the year but are prominent in summer and warmer climates.

Note: This type of arm is often displayed while wearing a tank top or completely shirtless.
OMG, the sight of his party arms make my asshole moist!
#party arms #biceps #arms #gym #triceps
by Numbercruncher July 21, 2012
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