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Uncomfortably cold, to the point you're shivering. Mainly used in the North of England, UK. Probably dirived from weather cold enough to need a parker.
Bloody 'ell fred, it's reet parky in 'ere, put some more coal on't fire.
by EvilOverlord November 28, 2003

"CAROLINE G. DEFINED "highland park parkie dallas hp parkies mom the bubble nutirmom grudgeband nauxparkie.. etc..on 9/25/05 as:
A small community in Dallas, Texas often referred to as the bubble. Lots of people diss HP but its really not that bad. People are PARTLY right in saying people here are snobby and rich, but saying that we are ALL really rude and snobby isn't fair though because there still some nice people who live here. We are used to expensive clothes and food, but that doesn't mean that none of us deserve it. Many people who live here own businessess and are doctors or other professions that bring in a large cash flow. People from HP are often called Parkies. Please don't pay attention to the definitions that say we are sooooooo rich and soooooo awesome and everyone is just mad because we are so much cooler than them! Those are the people in Highland Park who are conceited, spoiled brats who have access to their parents money and credit cards and can do anything they want. The majority of us are nice!"

"PARKIES" are those who live in the Park Cities or inside the "bubble". I wholeheartedly agree There's not a nicer group of neighbors than in HP!
parkies HP residents who are wonderful neighbors, friends, parents.
by dallasite January 22, 2009
a person with a hot and cold personality.
comes from the term parker, keeps you warm when its cold, dry when it's wet
"Don't mess with that dude, he's a Parky"
by shootdapols May 07, 2009
Someone who jumps around every day as they walk as if they had parkinsons, but they dont. They're just really annoying
hey, look at Parky over there. Looks like he put an extra pound of sugar on his cerial again.
by Mr Fergison May 28, 2010
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