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The school you well be most amazed at, you think of its parkville, we fight and go to class like nothing just happened we wait to talk shit about a person until theyy are standing infront of us, throw drinks at people while coming from lunch, threaten the teachers, "do you wanna go to office" "to you wanna get snuffed". We dont know how to respect assholes, our muslim kids have a break dance crew,and we have a fashion club?, our bowliing lanes are made for midgets, we drink vodka out of tacobell cups, skipp f\class to go to one of the choices 711, mcdonalds, or taco bell. Our football team not so good we supposrt them anyway, field hockey look like beast and I would piss them off, wrestling has big guys few are good, gym teachers hook up or they are gay, everyone gets the sport stuff ffrom the same places, snapp ladies get you out of trouble and alot more.Most teachers are married to each other, not married perverts(mr.allen) Parkville is full of diverse people and You nnever know what to expect every morning, white kids grew balls here lo! {:
student1:do you have a lunch
student2: yea
student1: wanna go to taco bell
Student 2: gotta go sign in with lexa
student1: snnapp?
student 2: yea
both : fucking hate parkville high
by Parkville student October 27, 2010
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