A sport that most consider to be fun to do or to watch, and that the three people before me are making look like a boring sport with their lengthy explanations. The only main objective is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible in your environment, but there's a reason it's a "sport" and not an "obligation". Have fun in your sport- take a little time to perfect a jump over something if you constantly see that you're messing up on it, let yourself get sidetracked and go chase a squirrel, go out of your way to climb up on top of McDonalds and dance around on the roof to make a fool out of yourself and then run like a madman when the workers are chasing after you shouting that they've called the "poh-leece on you!!!" Have fun, do what you can, and learn what you can't. Climb up on a Church and watch cars go by, push your body to it's limits. That's the perfect world of Parkour... not just discipline, but enjoying disciplining yourself.
Parkour rocks my socks... and the socks prevent blisters. Lol.
by VineyardPK May 13, 2006
It's pretty gay. Started by some emo kids from the suburbs, these total douchbags hop around on buildings, jungle gyms, and each other.
Faggot #1 hey bro, lets like go and do some Parkour
Faggot#2 Right onn bro and maybe after we're done we can go and listen to some underground hip-hop and Dave.

Pedestrian #1- God what abunch of posers!
Pedestrian #2- Well you can't blame them, there're what you call " social rejects"
by Jodu December 26, 2009
Simply put, the most creative way to get from point A to point B.
Person 1: Who did you just see Jimmy jump off the roof and make a backflip?! He should be in a circus! What is that move called?!?

Person 2: It's parkour, dude. And he was just getting the newspaper from his driveway as does every morning. You should see how he goes grocery shopping for some real entertainment.
by r14jPARKOUR May 31, 2011
Parkour, another way of saying something is HARDCORE .
Hi Matt did you see the X-Games last night?

Yeah dude, that shit was Parkour."
by REIs May 28, 2012
1. Jumping on to things
2. Jumping off of things
when i do parkour, i get in the zone. i see a bench, i know that i can go up to it, jump off and tumble, or just run around the bench and tumble. theres so many options!
An act of having sex with your partner in many forms such as: Mouth-parkour, Hand-parkour, etc..
I had a victorious round of Hand-parkour yesterday.

We had some crazy Parkour.

Will you give me some Mouth-parkour?
by mongaloid27 July 20, 2011
1. Running and jumping, with some flips and tricks every now and then.
2.Amatuer ninjas,
That guy is parkour
by Drakel146 October 28, 2010
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