An exuse for a bunch of running and jumping and being able to not get in trouble
Guy1: hey let's go do some parkour.
Guy2: yes I always wanted an exuse for jumping and running! Let's go
by Minemonkey9999 December 14, 2014
The art of jumping on and over things like a complete badass.
Holy shit man that guy must be some kind of magical parkour master!
by Random black guy 420 May 28, 2014
Getting from A to Z as fast as one can, jumping over buildings and rolling around.
I parkoured in Steven's house yesterday. It was fun until he shot at me with one of his guns.
by SMmmmmmmm September 29, 2013
A style of movement developed in France to insure that they could flee in any direction, at any time.
No Frenchman that is skilled in Parkour need ever fear capture.
by Madfat June 24, 2009
The use of your environment to move from point A to point B in the quickest time possible.

Often times considered a sport, but that is false. Parkour is more of a lifestyle than a sport. It cannot be a sport in that there are no rules, teams, nor strict styles and "fields".

Many people will form a "team" but do not realize that it is only a group or club. More often considered a community.

Commonly confused with Freerunning
I will parkour from that building to the next.
by keiien November 26, 2012
What may be referred to by some as a sport or a discipline, but what is really a foolish activity done by losers that have no real ability to play any real traditional sports or marital arts.
Joe: Want to go to the courts and play some ball?
John: No, I suck at basketball so instead I'm going to do some parkour. You know that stupid activity where you go in a straight line and go over obstacles instead of around them?
by guru on a hill May 28, 2012
You know, that thing where people run around jumping off shit and they call it a sport.
Person 1: "What do they call it when dick bags run around jumping off shit and they call it a sport?"

Person 2: "Who could be that much of a wanker to call such a silly activity a sport?"

Person 1: "Hippies n' shit."

Person 1: "Oh, fuck, now I know what you mean: It's called 'parkour'. It must be French for 'being a dick' or 'being a wanker'. I get my French nouns and verbs mixed-up sometimes."

hippies dick bag
by Kizzmasterflash February 27, 2014

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