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You know, that thing where people run around jumping off shit and they call it a sport.
Person 1: "What do they call it when dick bags run around jumping off shit and they call it a sport?"

Person 2: "Who could be that much of a wanker to call such a silly activity a sport?"

Person 1: "Hippies n' shit."

Person 1: "Oh, fuck, now I know what you mean: It's called 'parkour'. It must be French for 'being a dick' or 'being a wanker'. I get my French nouns and verbs mixed-up sometimes."

hippies dick bag
by Kizzmasterflash February 27, 2014
What may be referred to by some as a sport or a discipline, but what is really a foolish activity done by losers that have no real ability to play any real traditional sports or marital arts.
Joe: Want to go to the courts and play some ball?
John: No, I suck at basketball so instead I'm going to do some parkour. You know that stupid activity where you go in a straight line and go over obstacles instead of around them?
by guru on a hill May 28, 2012
A style of movement developed in France to insure that they could flee in any direction, at any time.
No Frenchman that is skilled in Parkour need ever fear capture.
by Madfat June 24, 2009
Parkour has become an infamous word due to the amount of posers and douchey assholes with an ego that's bigger than a hot air balloon. Anyone who says the word sounds incredibly stupid and annoying thanks to the 90% of people who do parkour (the 90% doesn't ACTUALLY do it but they only say they do to be cool) who cant get their heads out of their asses. The other 10% that do parkour because they actually do like it and wish to pursue it as a profession are very respectable and skilled people, and are usually very friendly and sociable. If you can actually do any kind of flip than you are most likely part of the 10% (though flips are actually not included in parkour; free running is where flips come in. It's basically parkour with flips). You know when you've got a douche when he always brags about parkour. A real authentic parkour person will almost never even mention it and will never do any tricks in front of people unless requested to.
Douche: Yeah so I was out doing parkour the other day and im really good at it!

Real Parkour Dude: So i was sitting around playing xbox the other day...
by AnonymousRager September 02, 2013
The use of your environment to move from point A to point B in the quickest time possible.

Often times considered a sport, but that is false. Parkour is more of a lifestyle than a sport. It cannot be a sport in that there are no rules, teams, nor strict styles and "fields".

Many people will form a "team" but do not realize that it is only a group or club. More often considered a community.

Commonly confused with Freerunning
I will parkour from that building to the next.
by keiien November 26, 2012
A method of movement based upon the principles of both efficiency and speed. Originally developed by the criminal classes of France to escape the French police, it has since spread to all layer of France due to the versitility of its utility, from the typical French Adulterers (read 98% of the nation's male population) escaping the Adulteress' heavily armed husband, to the President escaping the lynch mob after his eighty-eighth attempt to sacrifice what little money and national dignity France has to save the dying European Union, and is, indeed, slowly reaching out to the international community of netizen mainly interested in 'cool-balls-awesomeness' rather than acutal 'utility'.
Gent. 1- Parkour- is that not this new French method of Running?

Gent. 2- Indeed it is sir, and very fine method of escape, if thou wouldst permit me to say thus.

Gent. 1- 'Tis genius, sir, but fitting, for who but the French should invent the best method of retreating.
The Two Europhobic Gentlemen of Devon- John Fletcher (1621)
by Tom O' Bedlam September 04, 2011
Parkour is a way of movement in which the tracer or traceuse'sbody gets from one place to another by adapting to ones environment in which he or she can overcome obstacles from rails to walls by jumping, leaping, vaulting or using any other parkour techniques in the fastest and most fluid way possible no matter what kind of architecture he or she is facing.

Parkour is often confused by Free running which is a different concept because free running is parkour with more flips and tricks. Though, free running can still be very fun.

Parkour was invented by a French man named David Belle who is now an actor and probably the best traceur ever who now does a little bit of free running (but no he did not invent free running). I believe he invented parkour somewhere around the 90s meaning that parkour is still new to the world. He is still alive as of the year of 2012

Parkour not only involves facing obstacles like fences or rails but also mental ones because it is scary at some points therefore it is a discipline. Parkour is a great way to live life the way it should be: by taking risks. That is why I do it. It also teaches and inspires you to try new things even some that you first thought you would never ever do or try and I tell you this from personal experience. Just do it!

Go to YouTube and watch parkour literally
"Wow! Why is that guy getting past those walls really fast"
" He does parkour"

"Many people call me a monkey or a ninja because I do parkour"
by Adrian001 July 31, 2012