a cop that is incredibly arrogant, inept, or just plain stupid. They usually get mad at teenagers for doing things like having conversation while in the lobby of a movie theater, standing outside a Mcdonalds or for being cooler than them. They typically abuse their power. The term was derived from the police force of Parker,Colorado.
i was at the mall and some stupid parker cop gave me a ticket for playing hacky sack. he called it "a projectile"
#parker #cop #stupid #idiot #lame #colorado #denver #boulder
by dantes44 August 07, 2008
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Cops that get mad at the kids that stand around outside McDonalds all day thinking they are "bloods", while the "crips" stand around at the park. They enforce the laws when said kids loiter instead of getting a car, or going a place worth hanging out at. Oh yea, all this in Parker, Colorado
Parker cops always bust the faggots that act cool in Parker.
#faggot #asshole #poser #parker #colorado
by 5xlwarrior August 03, 2010
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