A random teen who touches little asian kids while having voice cracks. He's also socially in-secure and asks for high fives every day.
"Man, Park is being such a Park, I think we should ditch him" Said Jordan.
"Park needs to stop having voice cracks"Said Alex
by Arex Krim November 14, 2008
a nerdy geek who gets horny from violently pushing buttons on his calculator

"greetings. would you like to see my calc collection?"
"I'm pushin up my buttons baby uh huunn"
by mrwabanachi September 26, 2009
The guy at the party that always wakes up with a puddle of piss around him
Man he parks again!
by cupofseeds February 25, 2009
To spend the night at your bf/gf or hook-up's home. Stems from the fact that you need to park the car overnight.
Amy: "You didn't ask him to park did you?!"
Anna: "Sure I did, he's a babe!"
by Kristina5979 May 21, 2008
verb - to fail in a course or exam.
I can't believe how many students were out at the bar last night. Our entire class is going to park this exam.

Laura is going to park calculus if she doesn't start studying soon.
by Jeb Balise February 09, 2008
Canadian History teacher
My name is Mrs. Parks. WATCH the back chat
by David Richardson March 04, 2005
A bitch (also known as Carla Ton)
My name is Parks im a bitch
by Fred March 24, 2005

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